Current Projects

U.S.–China Week

Published weekly since 2015, my e-mail newsletter on security, economic, political, and tech issues in U.S.–China relations reaches more than 1,250 officials, businesspeople, scholars, and journalists.

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Yale Law School

I work as a senior fellow for U.S.–China relations at the Paul Tsai China Center, as well as a lecturer and senior research scholar at Yale Law School, where I'm also affiliated with the Information Society Project.

DigiChina at New America

I am a regular contributor to DigiChina at New America, where we translate, contextualize, and explain Chinese commentary and primary sources on digital policy. See our latest work here.

Cyberspace & U.S.–China Relations

At Yale I led a project and hosted a conference on digital policy and U.S.–China relations.

Transatlantic Digital Debates

I am a 2017 fellow with Transatlantic Digital Debates, a collaboration between GPPi and New America.

Featured Writing

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